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Catering Complementary Equipment

Catering complementary equipment from XKRental.
Catering is an indispensable element in creating any successful event. At XKRental we know the way and we have the most suitable equipment for all kinds of catering in the market.
Discover the Catering Equipment of our company and make your event unforgettable:

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  • Placeholder



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  • Garvin


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  • Electric Grill

    Electric Grill…

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  • Doner Kebab Machine

    Doner Kebab Machine…

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  • Gas ring

    Gas ring…

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  • Ψησταριά


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  • Hot dog machine

    Hot dog machine…

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  • Display Fridge

    Display Fridge…

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  • Hot cupboard

    Hot cupboard…

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  • Garbage Can

    Garbage Can…

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  • Scissors


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  • Serving Tray

    Serving Tray…

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  • Round 40 cm serving tray

    Round 40 cm serving tray…

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  • Serving Tray 40 cm Χ 60 cm

    Serving Tray 40 cm Χ 60…

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  • Chopping Board

    Chopping Board…

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